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Bend Personal Trainers


At the beginning of summer of 2017, a local gym approached Drakkar Digital to help them build and promote a personal training program. Drakkar Digital proposed creating a referral website,, with high rankings on search engines to drive traffic and leads to the gym’s personal trainers. The scope of the project was to rank on page one for a majority of target keywords by 90 days. This would be done by creating a website that sends to search engines all the right “signals” and earns quality backlinks from high- ranking websites, which affect rankings.


Within 90 days, we achieved first page rankings, including numerous first place rankings for related keywords (see figure 1). Impressions, meaning the number of times the website appeared in search results, grew consistently over the 90 day period (see figure 2). This coincided with a consistent rise in the website’s average search rankings (figure 3). Most important to note is that through this increase in rankings, the website established itself as the dominant leader in search engine rankings, overtaking and rising above all of its competitor websites (figure 4). Visits to the website from organic search increased steadily month over month after the initial 30 day setup period (see figure 5), which indicates not only high rankings but also high click-through rates. Click-through rates, meaning the number of people who visited the website after seeing it in search results, has remained consistent. Industry average is around 10%, and Bend Personal Trainers has had as high as 25% click-through rates on certain keywords (see figure 6).

How and why we were able to achieve such high rankings above our competitors is in large part due to links. Google uses links to your website from other websites to help judge how trustworthy your website is. The more quality links a website has, the more likely Google will be to rank them. Bend Personal trainers earned over 500 external links (links from other websites) in the first 90 days (figure 7) and 1.2k links total. When compared to their competitors, Bend Personal Trainers is far and above the dominant website in Bend (figure 8). Bend Personal Trainers was even featured in a NATIONAL health and wellness website, called, a leading publisher of health and wellness-related content. Their domain authority, which is a measure of how highly they are regarded by search engines, is about the same as the Huffington Post.

In conclusion, through the work of Drakkar Digital, the website has come to dominate the local market for personal training in online search. Within 90 days, the website established itself as the foremost leader, pushing aside its competitors to take top spot overall. Moreover, these were the results after 90 days, and the website continues to rise in the rankings each week.


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